Behind the name

I saw this blog got a lot of attention in the last few days, so I though I’d at least post to say I’m still around, even if I haven’t done much recently. I even woke up the old twitter account, so you can follow me there if you like:

Here’s the story behind the name: Back in 2011 the 20th anniversary of SF2 was coming up, and I wanted to get a release of my own SF2 implementation out in time, ‘platinum’ being the stone associated with 20th anniversaries.

Unfortunately, life took a few turns that saw me far too busy to come through with it, and it never panned out. Sorry.

Since then I’ve come back to the project from time to time, but never as dedicated as I was in 2011. I’d like to keep making progress whenever I can, but things are still pretty busy with other projects that pay the bills.

Behind the name