SF2 AI – does it cheat?

I’ve seen a few questions floating around about whether the AI can cheat – specifically whether it needs to charge Bladekicks or Sonic Booms like a human player does.

No, it doesn’t.

The built-in AI programs are simple lists of moves that aren’t subject to the normal human rules of needing to charge back a certain amount of time before performing a move like a Sonic Boom, and the computer controlled opponent can execute them without these requirements.

For some moves, such as E.Honda’s Hundred-Hand-Slap, Chun-Li’s Thousand-Foot-Kick, etc. the AI scripts include a couple of moves to make it look like they are subject to the same rules as human input (and also a clue to new players how to execute the moves), but the AI machine is capable of launching into any power move as easily and instantly as any ordinary attack.

SF2 AI – does it cheat?

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